What is a board?

A board is a customized feed that pulls the most up-to-date content based on your selected search criteria. You can create new boards from your homepage and organize them for easy browsing.
How to create a board:
  1. Select how you would like to filter the content. You can select by author (who in community created the content), as well as by tag (species, location, and gear type).
  2. Decide which media type you would like to see in the dashboard
  3. Click Search
  4. Save the Board (with a custom name)
Examples of a Board:
  • All video and articles tagged white-tail deer in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
  • All videos by specific video producers you follow (see all your favorite creators in one view)
  • All articles and research reports by conservation organizations that you support.

Go to the Engage Search page and start creating Boards!