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Established in 1996, is the oldest and largest independent bass fishing site in the world.  We’re a grass-roots organization led by founder Glenn May who wanted to create “The most comprehensive bass fishing site ever to exist.” So he named “The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide” and launched the 100-page website in an era where most websites were only 1 or 2 pages deep.  It caught the attention of bass anglers worldwide and immediately established itself worthy of the name; and has never looked back.

Now, at nearly 300,000 pages and growing, BassResource firmly holds the position of the world’s largest and most authoritative bass fishing site.

Whether you’re here to learn more about fishing tackle, research a technique, improve your tournament performance, tap into one of our communities, or get some tips for catching that lunker of a lifetime, you’re in the right place. You’ll find an expert team of bass fishing professionals passionate about sharing their knowledge. We cut through the confusion with straightforward, expert-reviewed, person-first experiences designed to help you accelerate the learning curve and enjoy the most out of fishing.

Our mission is to enable bass anglers of all skill levels to become better at the sport by providing information about every facet of bass fishing. Whether it’s about the latest tackle and techniques, how-to tutorials, industry news, or scientific research about bass biology and their environment, BassResource covers it all.

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