Brandon Lester On Whitetail Bucks And Brushpile Crappie

Brandon Lester On Whitetail Bucks And Brushpile Crappie

Author: Bass Resource
Published: November 23, 2022

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“It’s fair to assume Brandon Lester might never want to put the baitcasting rods away this fall, considering the magical roll his 2022 B.A.S.S season was on. The easy-going Tennessee pro won a Bassmaster Open, a Bassmaster Elite, and dang near won the Elite Series Angler of the Year title.

But even Brandon Lester needs a little break from bass fishing once the season is over – and for him, that means resetting his heart and soul by chasing whitetails with a bow and crappie fishing with spinning rods.

Lester’s hunting season has already proved magical in 2022 – as he harvested the best buck of his life a few weeks ago, so when asked to provide two key tips for deer hunters in November, Lester says to follow the does to find the bucks, and don’t be afraid to push the envelope regarding wind direction and bedding areas.

“November is the month when bucks throughout much of the U.S. are really feeling their oats and letting their guard down as their minds are so focused on the rut,” grins the Team Toyota pro.

“In the past, I would totally let the wind control my hunts, and I’d also stay completely away from what I thought might be a shooter buck’s bedding area. But these days, I’ll push my limits a little more in November if I think they’re obsessed with does,” he advises.

Lester also isn’t shy about getting up close and personal with autumn crappie that call brush piles in 14 to 20 feet of water home.

“Crappie fishing is absolutely one of my favorite things in life, and it really helps me get better at using my electronics. It also helps me stay in tune with locating active schools of fish, and I know both of those aspects help make me a better bass fisherman,” he says.”

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