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California Tactical Academy The Largest Los Angeles Outdoor Shooting Range

About the Company

Previously known as Wes Thompson Rifle Range the ranges at California Tactical Academy provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor location for almost any shooting discipline. For example, the rifle shooter can engage targets on the public range at distances of up to 1000 yards. Even the long-range, precision rifle shooters will tell you, 1000 yards is a nice stretch for such an easily accessible shooting range. As an added bonus, you get to work with a variety of winds to develop proficiency in judging the wind and its effect on bullet impact. All the while shooting in a beautiful location. And the range features a host of steel targets that provide instant feedback on shot placement. Defensive shooters have the option of renting a shooting bay for a period of time to practice their skills as they see fit. You can reduce the costs by getting a few likeminded friends together and split the rental, thus making the practice session even cheaper. The shooting bays vary in size, so you can find one that will work for handgun, rifle, or shotgun shooting.



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6700 Holser Canyon Rd
Piru, CALIFORNIA, 93040

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