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Unlike many hunting preserves, the hunting at Dixie Sportsman’s Hunting Preserve is very challenging. All of our game is “free roaming” throughout the preserve, so with hundreds of acres of hardwoods, planted pines, improved pasture and deep, dark Florida swamps, the game has better odds than you! SO PLAN ON HUNTING!



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About the Owner

Dixie Sporting Hunting Preserve is a 320 +/- acres high-fence recreational property, great deer and turkey habitat. Located in Dixie County, Florida, this property has an “old Florida feel” with ponds, pastures, beautiful cabbage hammocks, hardwoods, oak hammocks, pines and planted pines. The property has a high density of turkey and deer. It has a long history of income production as a successful game preserve. Located in Cross City, Florida just 19 miles to Steinhatchee, 35 minutes to Horseshoe Beach, and 29 miles to Chiefland, this property is a year round destination. The amount of wildlife on this property is extensive, in fact too much so. It is estimated over 360 animals (150 axis does and 150 axis bucks, 10 follow deer, 4 fallow bucks, 20 whitetail does and 5 whitetail bucks, 5 red deer does, 3 red deer stags, 4 sika does, 2 sika bucks, 4 black buck antelope doe, 1 black buck antelope, and a zonkie). There’s something neat about having exotics that mature during different parts of the year, etc. and there’s a lot to be said about seeing these animals on one’s own property. Something to consider about this location is not only is it convenient to the population centers of Florida, but once here it is a short drive to Steinhatchee, the scallop capital of the world, and horseshoe beach, both some of Florida’s remote and beautifully pristine coastlines…..making this property a year round destination. The culture of the surrounding area is unique & deeply vested in hunting. There are several historic restaurants, The Cypress Inn Established 2001 and the historic Putnam Lodge which is great for over flow guests. A unique ecosystem called pumpkin swamp is on this property. It is one of the most unique eco systems in Florida which is why there is as much wild game as there is here. There is also a massive amount of history this region. This is where Andrew Jackson fought the Seminoles. One can see why the State of Florida has acquired many acres of land like Dixie Sportsman Hunting Preserve in this area to protect and preserve for future generations. This is some of the last great places not yet owned by the state or national parks.



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Steinhatchee, Florida, 32359

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