Eedahow Archery Range

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Family-oriented archery club that offers outdoor ranges and indoor leauge

About the Company

Indoor archery league is the heart of EE-DA-BOW HUNTERS club. Shooting fun, club member comradely, tales of the hunt, and outright lies, make this many evenings of pure entertainment. With up to 50 members shooting each night, anything is game. Club members are always willing to help each other and share the latest shooting advice and tackle tips. The indoor season begins the first Monday, following Election Day, and runs 15 weeks long. Outdoor range Located 20 minutes from Moscow, Id. is EE-DA-HOW BOW HUNTERS privet, Outdoor field archery course. Sliding its way from dark cedar forest floors to the tall standing pines. Seclusion is this archery’s hide a way’s best feature. Weather alone, with friends and family, Shooting archery or just a summer picnic There’s never a crowd to compete with. Always a cool place on a hot summer day, This 28 target shooting fest satisfies any archer's apatite. Choose between nfaa feild, animal or hunter rounds as your endless arrows take flight.



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1137 Marshall Rd
Viola, IDAHO, 83872

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