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Frozen in Flight Taxidermy is an intimate studio setting dedicated to the highest level of quality and excellence. All work is performed exclusively by award-winning taxidermist Robert Olson who listens to the individual needs of each customer. Competition grade acrylic eyes and hand-made mannequins are utilized in combination with several measurements taken from each bird, ensuring customized and accurate anatomy every time.Frozen in Flight provides bird taxidermy services for hunters, collectors, museums, pigeon aficionados, chicken enthusiasts and pet owners in the Southeastern USA and beyond.It is the mission of Frozen in Flight Taxidermy to bring the highest quality bird art into the homes and museums of avian enthusiasts everywhere.

About the Owner

Growing up in coastal Georgia as the son of an avid hunter, Robert Olson became fascinated with birds at an early age. The region’s diverse and abundant avifauna fostered his appreciation for migratory birds in particular. After earning his degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Georgia, Robert worked in the field to preserve and monitor various species and their habitats. Robert’s passing interest in taxidermy became a professional endeavor after studying under the acclaimed taxidermists Edward Harden and David Luke. Combining a variety of traditional and modern techniques, Robert constantly refines his processes to ensure the highest quality bird mounts. Robert’s personal investment is apparent in every bird he mounts, and this ensures a level of care and authenticity that is guaranteed to capture the beauty and essence of each individual species.



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