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A Kansas Outfitter since 1996, Hunt Hickory Creek is located in Southeast Kansas and offers some of the best trophy whitetail deer hunting you will find anywhere in the United States. We lease multiple ranches in Kansas - ranging from 400 acres to 7,700 acres. Having such a vast amount of land reduces hunting pressure and provides an optimal hunting experience.

About the Guide

Jeff Brondige

I've been guiding in Kansas for almost 20 years. I used to hunt for myself but I realized that I had the opportunity to make other hunters dreams come true. I have the pleasure of meeting many nice people, and it gives me great satisfaction seeing the wide eyed hunter tell his stories of close encounters or awesome kills. Being a bow hunter by heart, the scouting and stand placement gives me a lot of satisfaction. Where else can you be more than one place at a time - having hunters in stands that I set is just that! Hunting season is only a short time of the year, but I get to do what I love all year long - shed hunting, food plotting, and scouting. If you get the chance to come down and sample what Hickory Creek has to offer, I bet it will leave a lasting impression. Our goal is to have satisfied hunters that come back every season to rekindle friendships and share good times! Thanks, Jeff Brondige



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