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We have been hunting in Maine’s Northern Forests for over four decades now. As one of the top record-producing trophy whitetail deer hunting outfitters in North America, our guided and unguided hunts offer unmatched opportunities to test your skills. Our Professional Master Maine Guides have been hunting whitetail in our region all their lives. We invite you to experience the camaraderie, skill, and thrill of hunting for Maine’s biggest bucks.

About the Owner

Shortly after Wayne and Suzie began their hunting and fishing sporting camps in rural Maine, they encountered the pristine Kennebec River. In 1976, Suzie and Wayne Hockmeyer knew that the Kennebec River was ending its role as a log-running river and could be used recreationally. It would possess some pristine fishing spots, but no one had ever rafted it, commercially or recreationally. After making elaborate plans to have a professional rafting team from West Virginia scout the river, they ended up rafting it solo because the WV team had to cancel. Scary, yes. Exciting? Definitely. That spring, Northern Outdoors became the first outfitter to raft the Kennebec River and the first commercial rafting trip in all of Maine. Imagine no helmets, no self-bailing rafts and bulky life jackets. Rafting was in its infancy in the U.S. when we became Maine’s rafting pioneers in 1976. And we were in love–with the Kennebec River, the rafting and sharing the incredible beauty of western Maine. In 1983, we became a year-round resort by adding snowmobiling to our repertoire and we changed our name to Northern Outdoors. Over the course of the next four decades, we added the Dead River and Penobscot River (we pioneered both those rivers, too!). With trips from May to September, grilled riverside lunches, experienced guides and amazing scenery, Northern Outdoors continues to offer a tradition of the best rafting adventures in Maine.



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