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I sell reality, not a dream. The chances of you killing a Buck over 160 inches with any outfitter are slim unless you're hunting on a high fence farm in my opinion. Many outfitters kill bucks over 160 inches, as we do but I call those the 5% bucks. 5% of our clients are going to slay monster bucks. The other 95% are going to shoot a respectable buck with Red Dog Outfitters. What happens in most instances is hunters come in wanting that 150" buck when a 135" buck goes broadside at 13 yards the hunter draws and shoots. I do not promote the monsters and have you coming in hoping to shoot a 160+ or even a 200 inch non-typical. I promote the deer in the 130" to 150" range, if you come in expecting a shot in this class and have success, you will be happy and will have gotten what you paid for. If you shoot a monster, then it's just that much sweeter. I pride myself on the quality of the hunts I put on. If I cannot beat your expectations I will not take on the job. Some of you reading this already know and have been told: "I'm not your outfitter". People, especially brand new whitetail hunters tend to expect too much and I blame TV for much of this. Sure they kill some great bucks on TV, but what they don't tell you is that they hunted 4 states to shoot that 180" buck and sometimes they may not tell you it was shot in a high fence farm.

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Tim Clark

Red Dog Outfitters, LLC was founded on August 8th, 2010 in Colorado. Originally we were offering Waterfowl Hunts and Breeding Red Labs. Our Mission quickly changed to provide a quality Hunt for Whitetail, Mule Deer, Turkey, and Upland Game at an honest price that everyone can afford. We have over 30,000 acres leased in Kansas and Nebraska. We only lease what we feel is the very best land available. We offer some great Mule Deer hunting in Kansas Game unit 1 and 2. Most of the Mule Deer stick to the pastures and dryland crops. Our Whitetail habitat is mostly wooded where we hunt by a stand or blind only. We’ve been offering hunts in Kansas since 2011 and Nebraska since 2012. You can draw your tag in Kansas most years, especially since we expanded into a new unit. It's my thought that if you do not draw unit one, you will draw unit 2 and we have plenty leased in both units. For the hunter that wants more, we also have OTC tags in Nebraska for Archery Whitetail Deer. Rifle tags are easy to get in Nebraska too, as well as what I always consider the sleeper hunt, Nebraska Muzzleloader. Red Dog quickly gained national attention from the likes of Bowhunter Magazine, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and many others. We’ve also been featured on Carbon TV, Sportsmans Channel, the Outdoor Channel's social media platforms. Most importantly, we’re still contributing to many of these outlets today. Credibility in Outfitting can be hard to find when you go to verify the claims made but I’ve always run a completely transparent Outfit. Not everyone kills Deer at Red Dog, not everyone sees a big one, but last year we had 87 Hunters and 74 of them did. That’s not an opportunity I’m talking about, those are 74 Deer that were shot, wounded or missed. Only a handful were clean misses, but thankfully only a few more were wounds. Our Hunters are the most prepared and that’s good because we have a shooting test before you can hunt, it's not a challenge, we just want to see that your bow is still on. In summary, Red Dog was built to be a place I’d go myself. There aren’t many Outfitters, actually, there aren’t any that I know of that offer the quality, transparency, length of business experience, reviews, time-stamped social media successes and fails OR that is an A+ Rated Member of the Better Business Bureau. Some claim to be but please do your research. Those claims are often aside of pics of the Best Deer from 2014 or their Friends Deer. Red Dog has been a full-time Outfitting Company since October 4th, 2012 and we currently have hunts booked all the way into 2021. Please sign up for our newsletter here: Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me directly anytime.



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