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Southwest Shooting Center is a world class, state of the art shooting facility and training center. We offer a variety of ranges to suit any level shooter’s need



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About the Company

This range is also a multi purpose range designed for various styles of shooting and training. This range is designed for ALL target stands, targets and or props to be posted at the end of the range closest to the bullet impact area. Shooters may move accordingly to shoot static or dynamically understanding all safety rules and with permission of the range staff. At no time will shooters place targets on the range deck floor or on the side berms. Firearms permitted will be any handgun, shotgun for patterning or defensive shooting and carbine or rifle fire on posted targets. High caliber rifles may be used for zeroing on this range only. All Loading and unloading of firearms will be conducted at the shooting position designated and not at the pavilion. No loaded firearms may be allowed up range unless holstered or with permission of the range staff or management. Range Dimensions are approximately 100ft wide by 50 yards deep.



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1250 Curry Rd 16
Clovis, NEW MEXICO, 88101

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