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That trophy whitetail buck of your dreams is out there somewhere, but it takes a lot of time and energy to locate and scout out the perfect property to ensure the best chance of a successful hunt. If you love the challenge and thrill of whitetail hunting but simply don’t have the time to do it all, you need a trusted source to create the ultimate hunt for you. Timberghost is a full-service Iowa hunting outfitter with over 20 years of experience offering all-inclusive whitetail deer hunting packages to groups of any size. Hunt for the buck of your dreams with the help of our seasoned guides and result-driven expertise. Whether you choose to hunt on our preserve or on our exclusive free-range properties, gun or archery hunting, you’ll leave Timberghost with an experience of a lifetime hunting trophy Midwestern whitetails, and most likely counting down the days until the next trip.

About the Owner

Timberghost was born out of a special passion for whitetail hunting by a group of guys who share an extreme passion for hunting hard for monster whitetail deer. Our management team has an incredibly diverse background to draw from to create the ultimate whitetail hunting experience. We have spent years chasing giant whitetails at many of the top destinations as well as having over 60 combined years managing premiere hunting destinations in North America. It is this diversity of experience that has helped give us the knowledge necessary to create Timberghost and the wisdom and fortitude to turn it into the number one destination of serious whitetail hunters across the country. Whether your interest is in preserve hunting or free range hunting, the heavily wooded hollows and impenetrable creek bottoms of Southeast Iowa will provide you with the hunting experience of a lifetime for mature trophy bucks. When it comes to hunting whitetail deer, our guides are some of the most experienced professionals in the country who have it in their blood to hunt mature trophy whitetail deer. Everyone at Timberghost has one goal - to make sure you have the hunting experience of a lifetime, every time. We know you can find places to hunt deer, and we also know you can find places to buy a big deer, but at Timberghost you actually get the opportunity to hunt monster whitetail on their terms. We have brought all of our knowledge, skills, and experience together to create a trophy whitetail hunting environment without equal. From the quality of our game to the quality of your experience, we leave nothing to be desired. We invite you join a new family of hunters that will relive old stories and enjoy new experiences for years to come as we work together to perfect the ultimate whitetail hunting adventure.



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