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Umcolcus Sporting Camps offer a secluded escape for those seeking an authentic Maine experience whether hunting, fishing, or a family vacation. There's something for everyone. Located in the northern part of Maine's Penobscot County (T8-R6) the Umcolcus Sporting Camps have served sportsmen and vacationers for over three generations since 1917. We hope you have enjoyed the long history of Umcolcus Sporting Camps, ( located under About ), and it is very important to me to continue this long "tradition" as the new owner as of March 2018. I hope that all outdoor enthusiasts have a chance to come and visit - "the way life used to be".

About the Owner

What does the name mean? "Umcolcus" is an Indian word meaning "whistling duck" The goldeneye ducks' wings whistle as it flies. Umcolcus Sporting Camps were established in 1917, Walter Swett, a Maine Guide, leased land from George B Dunn. The camps located in in T8R6, Maine in Northern Penobscot county were referred to as " Swett's Umcolcus Camps ". In 1919, with Dunn's approval Swett sub-leased the site of the camps - including two log cabins on Umcolcus stream - to Walter D Hinds. As a condition of the lease, Almon Currier, was to be employed as caretaker of the property for as long as he desired to do so. Hinds and crew spent a long spring, constructing a camp for Charles M Schwab, the youngest president of US Steel. Hinds supervised the blazing of five miles of trail and the building of a corduroy road to tote building materials to the isolated site, It was a difficult spring, with six foot snows and freshets that washed out the road and drowned two of the horses. When the camp was completed it was the only one of its kind in the state to feature hot and cold water and a indoor bathroom. The camp featured three sleeping rooms, a large kitchen, and a living room with a thirty to stone fireplace made with stone harvested from Umcolcus Stream.



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Oxbow, Maine, 4764

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