Regional Strut Update: Turkey Activity Heating Up With Warmer Temps

Regional Strut Update: Turkey Activity Heating Up With Warmer Temps

Author: Game and Fish Magazine
Published: April 4, 2023

“Gobblers are sounding off in many states. Our expert advice gets you ready for a successful hunt.

Welcome to Week 2 of the Game & Fish Regional Strut Update, our exclusive 10-week report of gobbler activity from every region of the country. Through the end of May, our turkey experts will help keep you in the know about activity and successes, tips and tactics, and great gear and how to use it. This week’s report includes:

  • In the South, gobbling activity has heated up in states with open seasons as warmer temperatures have arrived, according to contributor Josh Honeycutt. Most of the region’s states will be fully involved in turkey hunting by next weekend.
  • In the Midwest, as many states prepare for openers next week, cold weather has muted gobbling in the western portion of the region, according to contributor Brandon Butler. In the southern reaches, however, birds are sounding off.
  • In the West and East, with season openers still weeks away in many states, we take a look at turkey populations. See below for a look at population and past harvest numbers.


Temps and Gobbling Activity Both Increasing

  • Improving weather has helped kick turkeys into gear.

As you might recall, last week’s Southern turkey activity, or lack thereof, was heavily impacted by chilly temperatures. This wintry weather put a slight damper on the action, with hunters having to work hard for their birds.

Like last week, hunters are still chasing birds in Florida, Mississippi and Texas. Phillip Culpepper, host of “Hunt Club” and Realtree’s “Spring Thunder,” reports he is in the thick of things in the Magnolia State, but had a rough time in the Sunshine State. However, even with the Florida birds being tight-lipped, he was able to close the deal.

“I’m up in Mississippi now, having just gotten back from my hunt in Florida,” says Culpepper. “While things were tough there, we were able to manufacture a few birds even though they were henned-up and pretty much unresponsive. Gobbles were rare, making it a tough hunt.””

The full article can be found here.

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