20 Deer Hunting Tips for Opening Day

20 Deer Hunting Tips for Opening Day

Author: Outdoor Life
Published: November 18, 2022

“Opening day is here. It’s time to put the odds in your favor and transform your luck-based sit in the woods into a bona fide hunting plan

Opening day of deer season can be chaotic in most of whitetail country. There are more hunters in the woods on this day than at any other point during the season. All that commotion pushes deer out of their regular patterns. Because of this, shooting a mature buck on opener can feel like a matter of luck. Sometimes it is.

But there are also some key tips and tactics you can use to have more success on the first day of the season. So, her are our 20 best deer hunting tips for opening day.


Dawn of the gun-season opener may seem like controlled chaos to you, but deer begin to react to hunter movement even before the first shot is fired. When the shooting does start, they’ll be on the move. That’s what makes your stand selection so critical.

Escape routes and feed-to-bed trails may be your best bet. Deer that were on a food source during the night will beat a hasty retreat for thick cover once dawn arrives. Select your stand accordingly.


Most deer, when pressured, are going to head for home. They’ll seek out those thick, nasty areas where they feel safe and secure. And that’s where you must be waiting.

How to Hunt It: Position your stand—an elevated a treestand is the way to go—on the outer edge of the best cover available in your hunting area. The key is to place the stand so that you have good visibility but are very near the thick tangle that deer are heading for. Edges are natural routes of travel for whitetails, and the added visibility will increase your effective shooting range. It’s critical to get into position long before first shooting light.”

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