American Trapper President’s Message

American Trapper President’s Message

Author: National Trappers Association
Published: July 6, 2022

Toughness and willingness to endure have always been the definition of the American trapper.

From the time the first man set the first trap on the North American continent, trappers have been faced with many obstacles and dangers while in pursuit of their kind of gold. From hostile tribes to life-threatening weather, and even foes amongst their own ranks, they were willing to keep going.

In a time where we face high fuel prices, more creative and dangerous anti legislation, and yes, foes from within, it is time to test our mettle and see if we are as tough as our predecessors.

Convention season is here, which is the modern day fur traders opportunity to rendezvous with their peers.

History tells us that hard times and low markets are only temporary, and those that stay the course profit the most on the rebound. Continue reading here.

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