Best Turkey Decoys for 2022

Best Turkey Decoys for 2022

Author: Outdoor Life
Published: February 10, 2023

“The best turkey decoys can pull the toughest tom into range. See our picks in this review

Turkey hunting has commanded my springtime calendar for the past two decades. I’ve chased gobblers throughout the United States and Mexico, hunting an average of 50 days across a half-dozen states each spring, while stacking up a World Slam and multiple Grand Slams. As I check off the remaining states to capture a U.S. Super Slam, I prepare for every hunt with the utmost scrutiny when it comes to gear I use in the field, especially the best turkey decoys.

Decoys are always part of my turkey hunting arsenal, and I only rely on the most realistic ones when I’m trying to fill a tag in a new state. Here’s a look at the best turkey decoys for some of the most common hunting scenarios you’ll face no matter where or how you’re chasing turkeys.

Turkey Decoys and Hunter Safety

The best turkey decoys are incredibly realistic, which means that it’s possible for hunters to mistake a decoy for the real thing. You need to be ultra careful when using tom or jake decoys on public lands or even private ground where other hunters are present. When you’re transporting decoys, make sure that heads, fans, and beards are tucked into a bag with a strip of orange tape on the outside. Never use a reaping decoy on public land or on private land where other hunters might be present. Also, avoid using a reaping decoy or strutting tom decoy in heavy cover. If there’s any question about safety, simply leave the decoys in the truck.

Best Turkey Decoys Overall: Montana Decoy Wiley Tom 3D & Miss Purrfect XD

Key Features

  • Less than five pounds combined weight
  • Three dimensional
  • Easily folds for storage
  • Hen: adjustable head; “feather cuts” for realistic texture
  • Tom: option to add real feathers to tail and wings

Why It Made the Cut

The lightweight Wiley Tom 3D and Miss Purrfect XD turkey decoys are the best overall for any style of turkey hunting, whether setting up in one location, running and gunning, or stalking/reaping.


  • Lightweight,minimal bulk
  • Easy to shove into turkey vest
  • Stake system prevents spinning in wind
  • Quick deploy
  • Miss Purrfect XD: multiple stake positions for different body postures


  • Not waterproof
  • Stitching on tom head can be fragile

Product Description

I used hard-bodied turkey decoys for years, and while they have benefits, the extra weight and bulk is an unnecessary burden for the majority of my turkey pursuits. I’m also not entirely sold on 2D (flat) turkey decoys for traditional stationary setups, so I was eager to try Montana’s new line of packable 3D turkey decoys. I used the Miss Purrfect XD, Jake Purrfect XD, and the original Wiley Tom during 2021—my most successful turkey season ever. The Wiley Tom 3D is an upgrade from the original Wiley Tom. It has more realistic dimension that packs down for running and gunning, yet it works just as well for reaping or stationary setups. I tested the prototype during a fall turkey hunt and killed a gobbler the first morning. ”

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