Corned (salted) spot used to be popular when I was young. I never tried it, but you may find recipes on the internet. I believe it was originally a cheap source of protein for folks of slender means. My dad used to say that spot and croaker kept them from starving when he was young, living in Ocean View. I have tried smoked spot dip. Simply smoke the fish skewered on rods in a smoker grill. Flake off the meat and combine it with a mixture of sour cream and cream cheese. You may add whatever seasoning you prefer. Eat the dip on crackers or chips.

We so often take the little things for granted. In the fishing world, spot are one of those little things. These fish are found anywhere there is saltwater in the Mid-Atlantic region. They are a lot of fun to catch, put up a good fight for their size, and are great to eat. They are also capable of getting a kid hooked on a lifetime of fishing. Trust me — I was that kid.

– By Chuck Harrison

Bonus Tip: Sabikis for Spot

In recent years, Hayabusa Chesapeake Sabiki rigs have become popular for catching spot. Unlike other Sabiki rigs these only have two hooks, so they’re legal for use in Maryland waters (which isn’t an issue in Virginia). With the small red flies on the hooks, all it takes is a tiny tidbit of bait or Fishbites tipping the hook for these rigs to be effective.