Climate Change Effects

Climate Change Effects

Author: American Fly Fishing Trade Association
Published: November 5, 2021

Boating and fishing quickly became one of the pandemic approved activities. Providing individuals with the ability to get outside and safely socially distance themselves from others. Though the surges in fishing over the last few years and the ongoing crisis of the climate change is proving troublesome for recreational fishing.

“Today, the American Fly Fishing Trade Association and the AFFTA Fisheries Fund (jointly AFFTA) released a report, “Recommendations to Improve the Health and Sustainability of America’s Marine Fisheries.” The report, developed by a blue-ribbon panel comprised of fishery scientists and managers, provides a focused set of recommendations and lays out the steps needed to enact bold federal fisheries management and marine conservation efforts guided by the best available science.

The effects of climate change and overfishing are among the principal threats to fisheries that AFFTA and the fly fishing industry have long fought to address. The blue-ribbon report provides a comprehensive and systematic approach that, if implemented, will strengthen marine fisheries conservation and management, support more abundant recreational fisheries, and lead to more abundant marine fisheries in all U.S. ocean waters.”


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