Don’t Tell the Kids, But Reindeer is Delicious

Don’t Tell the Kids, But Reindeer is Delicious

Author: Outside Magazine
Published: December 20, 2022

“We explore one tasty reindeer game Rudolph doesn’t want to be part of

We’re all familiar with Rudolph being left out of the reindeer games, right? Well, we’re more interested in a different sort of reindeer game – the kind Rudolph definitely shouldn’t feel bad about being excluded from. We’re doing a deep dive into reindeer as a type of game that’s hunted, prepared, eaten and celebrated in the coldest corners of the world in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Reindeer Recipes and Restaurants 

It’s nearly impossible to talk about reindeer without first mentioning the Sami people. The Sami are traditional reindeer herders who practice a nose-to-tail method when hunting the animal.

For instance, they dry and tan reindeer skins for clothes and invert the stomach to use as a kind of storage pouch. The animal’s blood is used in pancakes and served with cloudberry jam, and the heart is dried and incorporated into a ​​Rømmegrøt, a porridge often made with sour cream, butter and plum vinegar. Even the hooves are utilized as tools for digging lichen, a white moss that can be eaten after boiled.

Nevada Berg, author of “North Wild Kitchen,” says, “Reindeer is a very elegant meat. For the Sami, it’s an everyday meal. But for us in the city, it’s sort of a special meal.”

Speaking of special, Noma, the three Michelin starred restaurant in Denmark, highlights reindeer in unique, surprising and seasonal dishes. Currently, the menu features reindeer brain custard served inside a reindeer skull and topped with pheasant broth and braised seaweed bits. Noma also serves reindeer brain and penis ragout, presented to the table on a bright green leaf. For dessert, reindeer marrow is caramelized, plated in a reindeer bone and sprinkled with freeze dried blueberries and edible flowers. ”

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