Fall Bass

Fall Bass

Author: In-Fisherman Magazine
Published: October 29, 2021

Still looking to reel in that next big catch? Check out this article showcasing some of the best advice from bass pro Paul Mueller. He touches on time, location, bait, and approach. Follow his steps and you are sure to catch the Fall bass of your dreams.

“In this three-part series, Elite bass pro Paul Mueller discusses the different situations, phases of fall turnover and different lakes where a crankbait will succeed. A crankbait, in general, is very easy to use, but it can require a technical approach. It’s an important tool like anything else, and depending on the water, cover, and how deep the fish are, choosing the correct shallow-, medium- or deep-diving crankbait can make or break your fishing trip.

When the lakes turn over in the fall, the fishing can become challenging. Mueller knows that the key to success during the transition is covering water and focusing on baits that get fish to react. One of the best baits is a crankbait. Crankbaits come in all shapes, sizes and colors with different designs that give the baits unique actions, wobbles—and they deflect and come through cover differently. In this part, Mueller takes us through his selection of shallow running crankbaits and how and where they are affective.”

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