How A Buck Moves

How A Buck Moves

Author: Bowhunter Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

C.J. Winand dives into the details on how to locate bucks all year long as hunters anticipate deer season. Learn about his findings and how these deer can move their beds three to four times a day!

“One of my first jobs as a wildlife biologist was to locate bucks prior to, during, and after the hunting season with radio-telemetry equipment. Since I was already a diehard bowhunter, I thought I had the keys to unlocking the door to the deer world.

The problem was, the telemetry equipment I was using back in the 1980s was primitive compared to the cellular collars we use today. The small sample size of data we were collecting made it tough to pin down any absolutes. And, just when I thought I was figuring them out, something would happen that totally surprised me on how elusive and unpredictable deer could be.”


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