How to get a mule deer tag every year

How to get a mule deer tag every year

Author: Go Hunt
Published: March 2, 2023

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“So you want to hunt mule deer, and you want a way to put a tag in your pocket every year? While it seems something like that shouldn’t be possible, there are actually lots of opportunities out there for people to just pick up a tag and hunt, and some units with fairly good draw odds; even if you don’t carry that many points across the West or are just starting out. What it all comes down to is how scrappy you’re willing to be, how hard you’re willing to research, and what type of hunt you are looking for. Are you looking for over-the-counter options or easy-to-draw options, or do you want to spend time in the leftover draws and second-choice draw options? In all honestly, how to find these types of hunts every year is held in our Insider suite of research tools. Everything you need to research and plan is at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Hunt Planner in your mule deer research efforts

One of the biggest tools for researching and planning out your mule deer strategy each year is going to be our new tool called Hunt Planner. This tool will help you be more efficient at planning for hunts and also keeps all your research data organized. No more notepads getting lost, extra spreadsheets you have sprinkled across various parts of your computer, or headaches when trying to remember what units caught your eye during your research! Everything you need is always in one place at GOHUNT.”

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