Author: The Meat Eater
Published: October 3, 2022

Here’s another “how to” article with tips for this year’s deer season! Check out this article from The Meat Eater on thermal hubs.

“Growing up at family deer camp, I would always hear my dad and uncles talking about these dynamite hunting spots they would find in creek bottoms. And how difficult it was to hunt due to the swirling wind down there.

The more time I spent in the woods, the more I started recognizing these locations that I refer to as bowls. Over the last ten years, I’ve heard of this fancy term—thermal hub—used to describe these same areas.

What is a Thermal Hub?

The definition of a thermal hub is where three or more draws converge at one central location at a lower elevation. When looking at a topographical map, this may look like a turkey or crow’s foot, with the draws being the toes and the base of the foot being the hub.

These areas provide an excellent concentration of deer sign, such as community scrapes. Running cameras in these areas can give you great intel on what deer live in the surrounding hills. But they can be challenging to hunt due to the swirling wind and thermal dynamics.

Check these areas out, and definitely bring your milkweed to test the wind often. These hubs are typically in a creek bottom, but can also be in less drastic locations partways up the hill. If the bottom is wide enough and you can set up right on the creek, you might be able to get away with it without letting deer know you’re there.”

The full article is at this link.

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