Investing in the Future of Conservation Funding

Investing in the Future of Conservation Funding

Author: Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation
Published: July 15, 2022

“Conservation” is a term used often in the hunting and angling community and one that sportsmen and women celebrate. But what is conservation? According to Gifford Pinchot, the first head of the U.S. Forest Service and former Governor of Pennsylvania who established the modern definition, conservation is the “wise use of the Earth and its resources for the lasting good of men.” Thus, conservation covers management practices ranging from active forest management and wetlands restoration to planting a pollinator garden on your property, and even harvesting fish and wildlife in a sustainable manner consistent with science-based laws and regulations.  Hunters and anglers were among the first to recognize that the utilization of sound science in management practices was key to ensuring America’s natural resources remained sustainable. Most sportsmen and women want to see our natural resources healthy and thriving so that we can all continue to enjoy them and pass our sporting traditions down to the next generation.

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