Long-Range Shooting School for Hunters

Long-Range Shooting School for Hunters

Author: Benelli
Published: July 29, 2022

Like many hunters, Joseph Wolfe was comfortable enough taking a shot at a game animal 150 yards away or less. In fact, most of his shots in his ten years of hunting in his home state of North Dakota were under 100 yards. But he wanted to be able to extend his range, to be able to make an ethical kill out to 300 or more yards. But how to acquire that skill? He went back to school.

In this case, Wolfe and his father, Joe Wolfe, took the two-day Long Range Shooting School especially designed for hunters and offered by Outdoors Solutions. A Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company providing sportsmen with hunting and fishing trips, Outdoor Solutions holds the course numerous times a year at locations in Michigan, Texas, and Utah.

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