Maryland Striped Bass Hit Below Average Numbers

Maryland Striped Bass Hit Below Average Numbers

Author: PropTalk Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

PropTalk Magazine dives into the three year low striped bass reproduction numbers that are currently plaguing the state of Maryland. With the appropriate environmental conditions, conservations are hopeful that the striped bass population can be enhanced through the Atlantic striped bass fishery management plan.

“The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced results of this year’s juvenile striped bass survey, which tracks the reproductive success of the iconic fish in the Chesapeake Bay. The 2021 young-of-year index is 3.2 which is slightly higher than last year but still below the long-term average of 11.4.

The coastal striped bass population has decreased in size, but is still capable of strong reproduction with the right environmental conditions. Variable spawning success is a well-known characteristic of the species. The index is slightly higher than 2020 but consecutive below average indices are a concern, and biologists continue to examine factors that might limit spawning success.”


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