My first whitetail deer

My first whitetail deer


Author: jordan.watkins
Published: May 28, 2022

Here is a photo my first whitetail deer I harvested as a result of a pop hunt after work one evening last fall.

I took her on private property in Southern Prince George’s County, Maryland. Just before this doe came into range, a large 10 point buck walked toward my tree stand. He stopped 35 yards to my front behind a large tree trunk. He never gave me the opportunity to get a shot, as he walked off through thick timber and brush…35, 40, 45 yards away and out of sight up a ridge.

Then Jon walked this doe. She stopped about 25 yards away to browse. She spent a mere minute browsing then walked straight toward my tree. Like the buck she stopped putting a large tree trunk between me and her. She was 18 yards away at this point, so I drew back in preparation for her to step out. I could see her sniff the air, with ears perked. With my sights aligned on the leading edge of the tree, she took one step out from behind the trunk and I sent my shot. My shot passed through the lung cavity, but low out the paunch. She ran about 150 yards, jumping a deep ravine, and crossing waterways before laying down. It took several hours to locate her but we did.

This was my first successful harvest. Great hunt!

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