Overcoming Adversity to Fill Turkey Tags

Overcoming Adversity to Fill Turkey Tags

Author: Bowhunter Magazine
Published: April 8, 2022

I haven’t always been superstitious, but the deeper into my bowhunting career I get, the more I can’t help but notice how strange coincidences seem to repeat themselves. For instance, many of my most successful hunts seem to begin with something bad happening.

Take the best turkey hunt I’ve ever been on, for example. It occurred about 10 years ago. Hoyt’s Marketing Director, Jeremy Eldredge, and I have sons that are roughly the same age, and for several years he and I had been taking them to Nebraska each spring to hunt turkeys. That particular year, the two of us were packed in with four of our young boys, driving through the middle of nowhere in Eastern Colorado, when my shiny new SUV broke down on us. We barely made it to the closest town around for miles, only to find out that the local mechanic was in the process of closing up shop for the weekend. It appeared as though our bad luck was going to cost us half our turkey hunt!

After a little begging and pleading, we were finally able to talk the good-natured mechanic into staying open for a few more hours to help us get back on the road. Thank God, because on that trip, the six of us went on to take a dozen toms with our Hoyt bows! That is a pile of turkeys, and a feat made even more impressive when you consider the oldest boy in our group was only 14!

Bad luck and turkey hunts, like the one I just described, have happened to me more often over the years than I’d care to admit to. So frequently, in fact, that I have become a bit superstitious in my old age to the point I’ve actually come to anticipate — and look forward to — a lucky stroke of bad luck at the beginning of any hunt, which is exactly what happened when Bowhunter Editor Curt Wells and I went back to Nebraska last spring to film an episode of Bowhunter TV.

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