Pennsylvania Poacher Riles Local Community by Taking Rare Piebald Buck Out of Season

Pennsylvania Poacher Riles Local Community by Taking Rare Piebald Buck Out of Season

Author: Outdoor Life
Published: December 9, 2022

“A local hunter said the rare buck was well known, and that there was an “unspoken agreement” in the community to let the deer live

Locals in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, are furious about an alleged poaching incident that involved a trophy-sized piebald buck being taken out of season. The 14-point buck was apparently well known by residents of Perryopolis, and one hunter claimed he had been keeping an eye the rare whitetail over the past eight years.

The community’s outrage is directed at Laramie Noel Sisco, 39, of Perryopolis, who was charged with unlawful taking of big game in late November. According to court documents, Sisco was charged by the Pennsylvania Game Commission on Nov. 22. The case against Sisco was filed on Nov. 30, and he has not yet entered a plea.

Details behind the poaching incident are slim, and PGC did not immediately respond to requests for comment. However, if Sisco did kill the buck on or around the date that he was charged, then he would have done so out of season—regardless of what weapon he was using. Looking at the regulations for the game management unit where the deer was taken, archery season was closed between Nov. 18 and Dec. 26, and rifle season didn’t open until Nov. 26. (All other deer seasons, including muzzleloader and flintlock, were also closed during that window of time.)

Jonathan Keffer has been one of the more outspoken Perryopolis residents, and he claimed in a Facebook post that Sisco killed the buck on Nov. 22. Keffer shared a photo of the dead buck, which appears to have been taken at a local game processor, along with a screenshot of the court docket showing the alleged poacher’s full name. He also shared multiple trail-cam photos of the buck that he’d captured over the years, and he roasted the poacher for killing an animal “that has been watched and befriended by the surrounding community for 8 years.”

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