Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Author: The Ruffed Grouse Society
Published: November 5, 2021

Did you even hunt if you don’t snap the photo to prove it? Here are some tips and tricks on how to take the best photo of your harvest!

“Many of us have been seduced by the convenience of cell phones and pocket-sized digital cameras. Unfortunately, we take our smart phone cameras for granted and as a result, we snap away without careful thought. We end up with a few blurry shots of a dog’s head, lots of empty skies, a skanky grouse hanging off a post or a grainy indoor photo too dark to see who’s who. We also forget to ask if a picture will pay tribute to the real spirit of the moment. It can be hard to develop an image that tells its own story.

Here are some tips to improve the quality and composition of the photos that capture our special moments.”

Read more at RuffedGrouseSociety.com.

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