Tips when applying for your first out-of-state western hunt

Tips when applying for your first out-of-state western hunt

Author: Go Hunt
Published: March 2, 2023

A helpful article if you’re planning your first hunting trip out-of-state.

“We hear the saying every year: “I wish I would’ve started hunting out West sooner.” It’s a very common sentiment among hunters and is definitely an understandable one. What keeps so many hunters from applying out West — or if you already live out West — for other states? Financials definitely play a part in it; however, I really think that a large portion of that blame lies in the simple fact that it’s just flat out intimidating.

The logistics of planning a western hunt can be daunting, the regulations vary a ton from state to state and trying to wade into the pool of understanding can leave you more confused than when you started. In the following article, we are going to look at what it takes to apply in each of the western states and what to expect when it is time to click “submit.”

This is also where the power of Insider comes into play. You’ll be more organized, you get better information, and all that research will lead to going on more hunts.

Hunting application deadlines

The first thing you will want to familiarize yourself with when applying to western states will be the various draw application deadlines. A draw deadline is essentially the last day you can apply for that given draw; after the deadline has passed, no applications will be accepted. It will be important to keep key deadlines top-of-mind throughout the year and as you strategize your plans. Draw deadlines pop-up through the entirety of the calendar year and missing one is the absolute worst.

Every year, we release a very handy article that details out all of the application periods, deadlines and much more. Check it out at the link below.”

The full article with helpful links can be found here.

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