Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up


Author: Harvester
Published: October 28, 2022

Good morning Harvesters! This was the last full week of October. There is a ton of new content on the site for your viewing, so get scrolling! We’ve had several new articles uploaded about both hunting and fishing. As always, the full length article will be linked for further enjoyment. 

Our favorite article this week was from the National Deer Association about whitetail rubs and scrapes. Scientists have discovered that rubs and scrapes left behind by bucks are their means of communication, the same way humans use cell phones. Compounds from a buck’s forehead are left behind when they rub trees or posts which will leave information about their identity. That article can be found here.

Is fishing more your speed? We posted an article from Realtree all about the best fish to catch in the fall. From Muskys to Redfish, the article talks about what is best to catch during autumn and what locations are best to fish. Check it out here!

If blue crabbing interests you, Harvester member Sam Tudor shared his latest YouTube video with us. This is for his fall commercial crabbing business. He says right now is when they catch the best crabs of the year! The link to his video can be found on his Harvester page.

Harvester member, Paul Agrillo, shared a photo of a large Red Carp they caught while tautog fishing. If you didn’t know, Tautog’s are also known as blackfish and are native to the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. 

It’s been another great week Harvesters! We look forward to seeing what you share with us next. Our team encourages you to share your photos and videos with our community of sportsmen and women. We hope all of you have a safe Halloween weekend!

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