Where Kayak Bass Fishing Came From

Where Kayak Bass Fishing Came From

Author: Realtree
Published: February 14, 2023

“Kayaks are the most popular boats in America, and fishing from them is a blast. Here’s a look at how the sport got started

Kayak fishing is an incredibly popular sport. In fact, it may surprise a few readers to learn that kayaks are the best-selling boats in America. Why? They’re fairly inexpensive and just about indestructible, leading to a lifetime of fun without the need for a ramp or a trip to the gas station.

I see kayaks just about every time I go fishing. But where did the trend start? How did kayaking go from a nerdy European recreation to a prominent American pastime?

Drew Gregory may be responsible. Fans of today’s popular kayak bass fishing tournaments know Gregory as a dominant figure, winning six events last year en route to a Bassmaster Kayak Series Angler of the Year title. But long before his tournament recognition, Gregory was bringing kayak fishing to the masses.

Gregory grew up an angler, but not the flashy bass boat kind. “We were simpler,” Gregory said of his upbringing. “We fished rivers and creeks, mainly.”

Gregory eventually got himself a bass boat, though it was a small beater. But, following college, the allure of rural river fishing continued to call. He and a buddy spent a summer in Harrisburg, not far from the bass-rich Susquehanna River. Intentions were to renovate an old home to sell, but focusing on work was difficult. “We didn’t get much done,” Gregory admitted. “The fishing was just awesome.”

Back home in Georgia, Gregory continued to passionately explore small flowing waters. A little investigating revealed a few anglers using kayaks to access the most remote sections, often wade fishing once they reached a honey hole. At the time, kayaks were simply a mode of transportation in ultra-shallow water.

“I saw them as the perfect tool,” Gregory continued. “I could cover more ground, and the boats were inexpensive.” These were ocean kayaks, meant for sitting in, but Gregory defied the rules. His small build and overall athleticism found him standing up, fishing and catching, and shooting photos of the results.”

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