Huge Forkhorn In Kentucky

Huge Forkhorn In Kentucky

Author: North American Whitetail Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

7 Bar Outfitters in Morehead, Kentucky showed Riley Emery the ultimate hunting experience as he downed a huge forkhorn named “Slingshot” on day two of his hunt. See how the days progressed and how he managed to take him down not even 50 yards from where Riley took the shot.

“Kentucky is well known for its highly prized racehorses and bourbon, but it also is home to some secrets. One of those is the number of mature whitetails hiding out in the state’s hills and agricultural land. Sept. 15, I got to experience how big some of those deer actually are.

Going into the hunt, I was skeptical. I’d had been on several other guided deer hunts in Kentucky over the past three to four years, without much to show for them. Whether due to overhunted camps with multiple people sitting in the same stands over and over or guides not knowing the properties well enough, I’d learned to be apprehensive about going again.”


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