Different Ways To Call A Deer

Different Ways To Call A Deer

Author: Bowhunter Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

Mark Kayser of Bowhunter Magazine gives his advice on the best way to call whitetails during deer season. Learn from his past and plan for your future hunt.

“I admit. My bilingual language skills crossing over to the world of whitetails has been a learning curve with multiple highs and lows. Like many experiences, a few successes here and there give you confidence to push the envelope, not unlike brushing up on a foreign language via a guidebook during a flight to that country. A couple of impromptu catchphrases, where a citizen acknowledged your intentions, prodded you to push the limits of language. Before long, you decide to engage in an exchange of restaurant menu options that unbeknownst to you, turned out to be a discussion of toilet water color. So much for your attempt at United Nations diplomacy. The same can be true of talking to whitetails. Instead of an extended dialogue, consider embracing the subtleties of the give and take.

In a broad stroke of simplicity, why be subtle? The short answer comes from whitetails themselves. Unlike cattle, geese, and some yapping dogs, whitetails save their vocal interchange for when it is truly needed. Thus, most of the time the audible clues of whitetails are unused or lost in the vastness of their environment. Even so, understanding a few subtle phrases could be the zenith moment that makes your hunt a success.”

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