Eighth Grader Arrows a 238-Inch Buck, Likely the Biggest Non-Typical Ever Killed by a Youth Hunter in Kentucky

Eighth Grader Arrows a 238-Inch Buck, Likely the Biggest Non-Typical Ever Killed by a Youth Hunter in Kentucky

Author: Outdoor Life
Published: October 31, 2022

This is such an impressive kill! We loved this article from Outdoor Life too much to not share.

“Ian Meredith stalked within just 12 yards of the giant buck and made a perfect shot with his bow

Eighth-grader Ian Meredith picked the perfect day to play hooky on Monday, Sept. 26. Meredith had his sights set on a giant whitetail he’d nicknamed “Tackle Box”, and he’d seen the buck on trail cameras frequenting his family’s 400-acre property in Kentucky. His mother, Beth, wasn’t so keen on the idea at first, but of all people, it was one of Ian’s teachers who encouraged him to hunt that day.

“He was coming into my stand just about every morning in daylight, and it was the first day that the wind was right,” Ian told Drury Outdoors, which published the full story last week. “So I just had to hunt.”

The faculty member who nudged Ian in the right direction is Adam French, an orchestra teacher at Grayson County Middle School. French had gotten to know the boy through his music class, but his role changed in 2020, when Ian and his brother Will lost their father to pancreatic cancer and French became a mentor for the two boys. He got them into the woods that fall and helped them set up a few trail cameras around the property. That’s when they first noticed a big mainframe 10-point coming around, according to Drury Outdoors.

The following year, in 2021, they caught the deer on camera again, but he was no longer just a 10-point. The buck had grown a mess of antlers, including more than a couple drop tines, and the rack now reminded Ian of a messy tackle box. The name stuck.

Ian ended up harvesting a different buck that fall. More than a few neighbors knew about the tackle box buck by that point, and one of them shot at the deer, but didn’t kill it. By the time deer season opened this year, several hunters were hoping they’d get their own shot at the trophy buck.”

To read the full article and see more photos of the buck, click here.

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