Follow The Sheds

Follow The Sheds

Author: North American Whitetail Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

Shed hunting is a great after-season hobby, but it can also teach you about many behaviors of the bucks flooding your hunting grounds. Especially for those antlers you find in heavily wooded areas. See what Tony J. Peterson has to say about your next find.

“The antler wasn’t anything special. It was a small 4-point that fell tines up in the frozen leaves. What made it interesting was that the antler was laying in a spot where rubs were literally everywhere. You could spin 360 degrees and see rubs no matter where you stopped. In a lifetime of looking for killer staging areas in which to arrow bucks, I’d never found anything quite like it.

Fast-forward eight months to Halloween weekend and a gloomy, grey morning. I’d just climbed down from my stand to pluck an arrow from the dirt and eyeball a clear, very encouraging blood trail. The whole encounter had unfolded only as they do during the rut, and the only thing I knew was the buck was a solid deer. Heavy, out past his ears, and capable of producing the loudest grunt I’d ever heard in the wild.”


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