The Thrill Of The Dolphin

The Thrill Of The Dolphin

Author: PropTalk Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

Anglers hit the Chesapeake Bay mainly for rockfish, tuna, and marlin. But, what about dolphin?!? And no, we are not talking about the majestic aquatic mammal. This dolphin is a fish that is smaller in size than a tuna or marlin, but just as tasty. PropTalk Magazine dives into detail on how to catch these fish.

“While people spend a lot of time and money chasing tuna and marlin (when they could be chasing dolphin!) in the canyons off the DelMarVa Coast, there is no getting around the fact that cranking on a 100-pound tuna or a 250-pound blue marlin is nothing short of hard work. Sure, the adrenalin kicks in and you really don’t realize how hard you are working until the fight gets into the late rounds, but by then it’s too late to throw in the towel. Once the mate sinks the gaff in the tuna or sets the marlin free and you collapse in the fighting chair or on the deck, do you even know just how much fun you had?

Then, there are dolphin. These fish are generally smaller than tuna or marlin and show up in great numbers willing to take just about anything they see. They will put on an aerial show that rivals any marlin, and their meat is delicious.”


Mahi swimming in ocean

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