Wild Salmon Center Report

Wild Salmon Center Report

Author: American Fly Fishing Trade Association
Published: November 5, 2021

Review the full report from the Wild Salmon Center focusing around the changes in regulation to protect and preserve the wild spring salmon.

“A 2019 Fisheries Fund grant recipient, The Wild Salmon Center has been working to educate the public and affect changes in regulations to protect and recover wild spring salmon in the Klamath and Trinity Basins. They recently released their Fisheries Fund grant report outlining their efforts.

From the report:
“With the support of AFFTA, over the last year Wild Salmon Center has helped coordinate a working group of tribal fisheries biologists and restoration practitioners to develop priority restoration actions to recover existing Spring Chinook populations in the Klamath/Trinity basins. These posalpulations are in desperate need of recovery and represent the last wild Spring Chinook with the potential to naturally repopulate restored habitats within the Klamath basin.”

Read more at AFFTA.org.

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