4 Places You Should Explore in the Northeast

4 Places You Should Explore in the Northeast

Author: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Published: September 23, 2022

Preserving the wilderness of America is something that several people have devoted their time towards. Many of us can agree that being outside in the wilderness brings a level of peace. Something that, for the most part, can be achieved nowhere else. If you enjoy hiking, fishing, paddling, or just simply unhooking from everyday stress, these four places may be just the ticket. 

  • Moosehorn Wilderness in Maine is the most northern point of wilderness you can discover in the United States, and you may encounter a black bear or a moose while on your adventures.
  • Brigantine Wilderness in New Jersey contains 6,600 acres of beaches and marshes just waiting to be explored. 
  • Great Swamp Wilderness, also located in New Jersey, is a swamp oasis containing 8 miles of hiking trails where wildlife awaits. 
  • Monomoy Wilderness, Massachusetts is only discoverable by boat and consists of ocean, marshes, and the chance to see a gray seal. 

Read more about these four desirable locations from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with this link.

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