A Threat To Deer Hunting

A Threat To Deer Hunting

Author: Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Foundation
Published: November 5, 2021

Chronic Wasting Disease; a disease that is plaguing the deer population. This disease damages portions of the brain and typically causes progressive loss of body condition, behavioral changes, excessive salivation, and death. See how this disease is now supercharging and becoming an issue for hunters.

“It’s a fantastic time of year to be in the woods, and as much as we’d love to just let you enjoy your deer season, without any nagging sense of unease, there is a critical need for hunters to speak out about the rapid spread of chronic wasting disease.

By now, you’ve heard us repeatedly state these facts about CWD: It’s 100-percent fatal in deer, elk, moose, and other cervids. It is now found in 26 U.S. states, and possibly others where they have failed to detect or even test for it. Infected animals can spread the disease through urine and saliva, sometimes for years, before succumbing to its effects. The prions—malformed proteins that cause CWD—can be taken up in plant matter and transported, and hunters can unwittingly spread CWD by transporting the carcass of an infected animal.”

Read more at TRCP.org.

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