Find The Perfect Spot

Find The Perfect Spot

Author: Ducks Unlimited
Published: November 4, 2021

Like most hunting, staying away from crowded public spaces is best. Instead find those quiet, closed off locations and use practices not known to the masses. Going against the grain will make your hunt successful.

“My buddies and I used to hunt some small strip pits that had been reclaimed from an old coal mine in west-central Indiana. It wasn’t public land, but it wasn’t difficult to get permission, and we enjoyed some unbelievable mixed-bag shoots on these small waters. Alas, word spread quickly through the local waterfowling community, and before long we began pulling up to these spots in the predawn darkness to find trucks lining the gravel roads and headlamps bobbing in the cattails.

Rather than fight the crowds, from that time on we endeavored to find new marshes and small pockets of water that couldn’t be seen from any roads. We modified our approach, used different tactics, and kept our mouths shut. We found success in some of these new spots, and we learned that the best of them were productive mainly because they lacked much hunting pressure.”


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