Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up


Author: Harvester
Published: October 21, 2022

Howdy Harvesters! Your weekly Round Up for October 16-22, 2022 is here. If you haven’t been on the homepage in a few days, make sure to scroll through all the new content. In particular, look at the new articles we uploaded because we found some you’ll really enjoy reading.  

Our first article highlights a buck that was killed by West Virginia native, Dave Powell, all the way in Kansas. This whitetail had the most unusual rack that we’ve seen on a deer so far! He had been watching this deer since 2021 and even nicknamed it “Bootsie.” The article from WV Metro News can be found on Harvester with this link.

We also want to highlight the 300 pound whitetail still in velvet killed recently with a bow. This deer was shot down in Alabama by John Cassimus and was featured in an article from Outdoor Life. You won’t believe the size of this thing! After seeing the article, we are sure you’ll be racing to Alabama to get in on the action. 

Harvester member, Ryan King, shared an incredible panoramic photo from his evening scout in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. There’s definitely nothing better than an evening ride on a side by side chasing the sunsets and wildlife. Thanks for sharing Ryan!

Keep sharing your outdoor content with us Harvester members. We’re always looking for our next featured photo for our Facebook and Instagram pages. And, with deer season in full-swing, we want to share your latest trophy kill. Happy hunting! 

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