Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up


Author: Harvester
Published: November 4, 2022

Hey there Harvesters!

October seemed to fly right by, but we’re stoked for November because that means the start of rifle deer season is near. Which one of our members will have the biggest whitetail of the season?!? Only time will tell…

Do you enjoy trout fishing? We found eight top notch locations from Hunting and Fishing that we’d really like to share with you. 

  • Flying Pan River, Colorado: This is a 14-mile stretch of river full of trout as big as 15 lbs. You can catch them all year round here, even in the cold. 
  • Henry’s Fork, Idaho: This is, most notably, home to healthy populations of large brown and rainbow trout.
  • White River, Arkansas: A well known trout stream across the globe where some of the largest catches are made during the cooler seasons.
  • Bighorn River, Montana: Located in Eastern Montana, Bighorn River provides a stable environment that allows for its trout to flourish.
  • Green River, Utah: Arguably the best trout fishing in the country and an absolutely beautiful location. It is suggested to go in early spring. 
  • Deschutes River, Oregon: It is known as one of very few Blue Ribbon fisheries for both native trout and wild steelhead.
  • Beaverkill River, New York: This beautiful trout stream is over forty (40) miles long and is said to be where fly fishing history originated.
  • Connecticut River, Vermont & New Hampshire: Here you can catch rainbow, brown, brooks, and even salmon.

Not only do these locations offer some of the best fishing in the country, but they also allow you to see some of the most breathtaking places you’ll ever experience. To read the entire article, click here.          

This week, we posted a Regional Rut Update from Game & Fish Magazine that is worth the read if you’re planning on hunting soon. There’s also a huge buck that an 8th grader killed in Kentucky, click on this link to check out his photos! 

Keep sharing your adventures with us, Harvesters! We can’t wait to see what you get into next. From all of our team members, have a great weekend and stay safe! 

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